Schedler Showing Sanity


by CB Forgotston

LA Secretary of State Tom Schedler

Secretary of State Tom Schedler is to be commended for his latest and on-going efforts to reduce the costs of state government.

According to a story in today’s Baton Rouge paper, Schedler has been quietly reducing the burden on the state’s taxpayers for purely local obligations in his budget. ( See story here). As a result, his office will be able to better provide for those operations in his office that are state obligations.

If every state agency followed Schedler’s lead the state’s annual revenue shortfalls would disappear and there would be ample money to properly fund higher education and healthcare.

Meanwhile, the leges should simply stop funding more and more purely local and private sector obligations. If the local governments and private entities (NGOs) don’t find the projects worth their own money, the taxpayers statewide shouldn’t be forced to pay for the projects.

Kudos to Schedler for showing the way to fiscal sanity in Louisiana.