Judge Garrett & Katherine Dorroh Start Campaigns

by John Settle
Shreveport Attorney John Settle
John Settle

Now that one empty seat on the Second Circuit Court of Appeals has been filled, local voters can now look forward to filling another vacancy on the Second Circuit. The election to replace Judge Gay Gaskins, who recently retired, will be held on April 6 of next year.

Caddo District Judge Jeanette Garrett has staked out her claim to this seat; she has received the endorsement of over 600 local attorneys. An email from her campaign committee touts that these are “Republicans, Democrats, and Independents, plaintiff lawyers, criminal prosecutors and criminal defense lawyers, family lawyers, corporate lawyers, litigators and office lawyers.”

Garrett was originally elected to the Caddo bench in 2002, defeating then Caddo Assistant District Attorney Jason Waltman. Since taking the bench, she has presided over criminal, family and civil cases; this experience would serve her well on the Court of Appeals.

Garrett runs a tight ship in her court room, and she has a reputation for “out lawyering” the lawyers, –her keen intellect and strong work are her hallmarks. There is little doubt that she will be an effective appellate judge, and many lawyers believe her input will add a much needed dimension to that court.

One thing is for sure, any attorney who decides to oppose Garrett’s candidacy had better bring a well-thought-out plan, a ton of money and an army of supporters. Garrett has bided her time in waiting to move up to the Second Circuit, and she is prepared to run a very strong race. Rarely has a trial judge been more qualified for this appellate court, and it is very doubtful that she will have any competition.

Dorroh to Run for Caddo Bench

The election of Judge Francis Pitman to the Second Circuit Court of Appeals will leave a vacancy on the Caddo District Court bench. Katherine Dorroh has decided to seek this position, and she is currently seeking endorsements from members of the Shreveport and Bossier Bars.

Dorroh, who is in the upper echelon of family law attorneys, will bring almost 30 years of trial experience to the bench; she is hopeful of an assignment to a family court. Dorroh is known to be a hard worker and a hard nosed litigator.

Dorroh has always been active in pro bono work for the local bar, and frequently lectures in the area of family law. Dorroh is no newcomer to a judicial race and she will be a formidable candidate for this election in April of next year.