Gavage – The Force Feeding of Voters


Watching Shreveport regional television ads during the next few days will be extremely painful. This morning’s selection saw several commercials in two judicial races that made me believe the post of judge was no more than a political ticket to act as a toll collector. I never previously believed the State Supreme Court would tolerate this level of judicial advertising. More postcards that make repeated claims and endorsements don’t make for truth in other sections of the postcard when factual information is available to dispute these claims. Why do knowledgeable citizens allow false information to go unchallenged?

Claims of experience of one candidate, along with her experiences in criminal prosecution of murder cases were enlightening. These facts were never previously available and seemed to have been overlooked in all previous informational sources. How can new information suddenly become available as FACT?

Thankfully, we are not in a battle-ground state, required to endure mega-doses of money-induced hateful cram ads that resemble all the evil that other political systems accuse democracy of representing.

I use the term “Gavage” in the title because I remember animal rights group protests over the French system of manufacturing Foie Gras. The workers, often dressed as farmers or butchers with their implements of torture, cramming grain-mash down a tube and into the stomachs of entrapped specially bred ducks or geese.

The forceful feeding of ads this weekend will allow me to ignore as much television as possible. Just keep in perspective that Tuesday night we will get a reprieve from political ads, at least until the next important elections arrives. Perhaps by then some strain of sanity will strike from on high. But I don’t see any political prophets on the horizon. I think I may stick with the southern version of hogs head cheese.