Lying to leges should be expected


Lie or lose his job?

Senators Bob Kostelka and Ed Murray are upset because they believe that Superintendent of Education John White lied to them during his confirmation hearing in the 2012 Regular Session. (Story here.)

If White did lie, he had to.  If White had told the truth Bobby Jindal likely would have fired him.

While there are laws on the books about perjury, the leges don’t enforce them so lying is a no-brainer.

Jindal employees’ lying to leges was predictable and predicted earlier in the year following the firing of the head of the Office of Elderly Affairs. See commentary here.

Leges know or should know that public employees are under coercion when testifying before their committee.  If the testimony is offensive to Team Jindal it could mean immediate termination

If the leges are seeking candor, they shouldn’t invite people who work for Jindal to testify before their committees.


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