There’s STILL a Hole in the Bottom of the Sea!


As previously reported – now verified in Washington Post story, the scientific “fingerprint” of the BP spill is on oil on the surface that did come from an apparent leak in the floor of the Gulf of Mexico. It’s time for greater resource to focus on stopping the oil that seem to leak from the floor of the gulf due to negligent work performed under the control of British Petroleum.

The Gulf of Mexico is the breeding ground and resource of all US citizens. It needs protection and supervision of activities that are potentially hazardous to all citizen’s health.

The complete Washington Post story  can be located here.

A portion of the article:

The oil in a slick detected in the Gulf of Mexico last month matched oil from the Deepwater Horizon spill two years ago, the Coast Guard said Wednesday night, ending one mystery and creating another.

“The exact source of the oil is unclear at this time but could be residual oil associated with the wreckage or debris left on the seabed from the Deepwater Horizon incident,” the Coast Guard said.

The Coast Guard added that “the sheen is not feasible to recover and does not pose a risk to the shoreline.” One government expert said the thin sheen, just microns thick, was 3 miles by 300 yards on Wednesday.

Some oil drilling experts said it was unlikely that BP’s Macondo well, which suffered a blowout on April 20, 2010, was leaking again given the extra precautions taken when it was finally sealed after spilling nearly 5 million barrels of crude into the gulf…. (Read full article)