John White – Spin, Spin, Everywhere a Spin



Spin Doctor Needed for John White and Dept of Education!

Louisiana Education Superintendent John White is apparently convinced that the truth about the outrages in the state’s spanking new voucher plan can be overcome if only he could tell a better story about those outrages.

The proof that this became evident this week when it was revealed that White had hired a new public relations person for his office at the pretty brazen salary of $12,000 per month — tough times and all that.

To further prove the value that White/Jindal, et al, place on communications, the new spin master (identified by The Advocate as Diedre Finn nee of the Jeb Bush administration in Florida) will be paid more than the also newly hired executive director of BESE, Heather Cope. Cope will be paid $125,000 in her new position, while Finn will knock down $144,000 — and be able to do some of that work from her home in Florida.

Spin doctors needed to make Louisiana Education news look "Acceptable"
Spin Doctor, We thought we could spin something up!

If that’s not enough to set your head spinning, add this tidbit that was included in The Advocate article: BESE wants to hire its own communications director. No salary level has been set for that job as of yet.