Tyler Bridges Returns – Take No Prisoners!


by CB Forgotston

Tyler Bridges receives Pulitzer Award

Award-winning investigative reporter, author and good friend Tyler Bridges is returning to live and work in New Orleans.

Many will remember Tyler as a take-no-prisoners, investigative, reporter for the Times-Picayune in New Orleans from 1989 to 1996. Since then, Tyler has reported from around the world including a stint with the Miami Herald where he won two Pulitzer Prizes.

During his time in Louisiana, Tyler brought a unique perspective and fearless style of reporting to the media. As I have followed his career around the world, to say that Tyler is fearless is an understatement.

The first time I met Tyler I knew he was unlike any reporter that I have ever met. He grilled me during my lecture at the Loyola Institute of Politics me like nobody ever had.

I was so interested in finding out more about him, I asked a friend of mine in Tyler’s IOP class to arrange a lunch for us. We’ve been close friends since that day.

Beginning October 1, Tyler will bring his own style of hard-hitting reporting to The Lens covering public policy in New Orleans and statewide.

During his time away from Louisiana Tyler never lost contact with those he worked with and covered here. As such, he will hit the ground running.

Tyler spent the last year as a Nieman Fellow and lecturer at Harvard University. His chosen focus at Harvard was the “new media.”

Like me, I’m sure everyone (other than politicians) will welcome another knowledgeable, skilled, investigative reporter looking closely at our state.