Louisiana: Change in Law

by CB Forgotston
She Really has Know WHO!
Carol Steckel , LA DHH
She Knows People!

 When running for governor in 2007, Jindal said:
For too long, our state has had the reputation of being a place where who you know is more important than what you know. This negative perception has continuously prevented our state from attracting the type of business investment that will truly help move Louisiana forward.
In a recent commentary, I raised the question of a high-level, full-time, breaucrat at DHH not having her vehicle registered in Louisiana. She claims that Alabama remains her “primary residence” and doesn’t have to comply with the law we, her employers, must follow.It's all about KNOW WHO!

Superintendent of State Police Mike Edmonson and Commissioner of the Office of Motor Vehicles Stephen Campbell decided that Carol Steckel does not have to comply with the law because her husband still lives in Alabama.
By way of background, Steckel was hired by Bobby Jindal. Edmonson and Campbell were appointed to their current positions by Bobby Jindal.
It certainly appears that it’s still who you know in Louisiana that counts.
Change the law
One should be able to look at a state statute and determine whether one needs to have a Louisiana driver’s license and license plates without relying on the discretion of two political appointees.
The leges should amend the law in the 2013 Regular Session to clarify exactly who must register their vehicles and acquire driver’s licenses so that it is no longer has to be interpreted by political appointees.
At a minimum, the law should require that anyone working in the state and drawing a full-time paycheck from the taxpayers of Louisiana must have Louisiana license plates on their personal vehicle and possess a Louisiana Driver’s License.
Until the law is changed, all state agencies should require the above as a condition of employment.
Action needed
If you think that the law needs to be changed, please send to your leges.