by Elliott Stonecipher


LA 3132Willis-Knighton Health Systems (WKHS) and its Finish 3132 Coalition today filed a second lawsuit probing official governmental actions in last year’s termination of LA Hwy. 3132’s extension to the Port of Caddo-Bossier.  The suit was filed in Caddo Parish’s First Judicial District Court, and follows by one week the filing of a related suit in East Baton Rouge Parish’s 19th Judicial District Court.

The lawsuit filed late this afternoon (Number 562,337) is based on more than a year of research into the circumstances surrounding the surprise April 7, 2011 action to kill the key southeast Shreveport roadway, direct planning for which began in the 1960s.  WKHS and the Coalition have relied upon the Louisiana Public Records Act in obtaining thousands of pages of public documents and other records detailing the history of the planned roadway, as well as very specific details of how and why it was terminated.  Agencies and individuals initially named as defendants are:3132 Current end at Flournoy Lucas

(1) the Northwest Louisiana Council of Governments (NLCOG)
(2) NLCOG Executive Director Kent Rogers, individually
(3) the Shreveport City Council
(4) Cedric B. Glover, in his capacity as Shreveport Mayor, and individually
(5) Ron Norwood, Shreveport City Engineer, and individually
(6) Shreveport Metropolitan Planning Commission (MPC)
(7) Buchart-Horn, Inc. (“Stage 0 Feasibility Study” consultants)
(8) Larkin Development North, LLC
(9) Larkin Development at Railsback, LLC
(10) Timothy A. Larkin, individually
(11) the Louisiana Department of Transportation & Development (LDOTD)

3132 loop-de-loop
The “REAL” Loop!

The “Petition for Declaratory Judgment and Injunctive Relief” is available for public reading and review on the Coalition’s Finish 3132.com website (SEE here).  The suit asks the Court for, among other things,

” … a declaratory judgment that the following decisions taken by Defendants are invalid, null and void and of no force and effect, to-wit:

(a)  The action taken by NLCOG and LDOTD in rescinding and terminating the planned extension of La. 3132 to the Port;
(b)  The identification and selection of the alternative routes to be considered for the extension of La. 3132;
(c)  The public hearings conducted by NLCOG and LDOTD on January 24, 2012, and August 2, 2012

because they (and each of them) were in excess of Defendants’ statutory and legal authority and contrary to their legal duties and responsibilities, arbitrary and capricious, and otherwise not according to law.”  

Additionally, the lawsuit petitions the Court to, after the completion of all depositions and other legal discovery, issue “one or more” preliminary injunctions to “prohibit and enjoin” various of the Defendants from certain actions now planned.  Included among these are

(1) any construction by Larkin of his subject Esplanade development until he obtains permanent access to Flournoy- Lucas Road (La. Hwy 523), and until the “Stage 1 feasibility study” is complete, and

(2) any further planning or other related action by NLCOG, LDOTD and Buchart-Horn in the ultimate selection and determination of a route for the extension of La. 3132 “… until they have properly identified and disclosed to the public in an objective and unbiased ‘Stage 0 Study’ (all of) the proposed (route) alternatives in accordance with law …”

Attorneys of The Pesnell Law Firm represent WKHS and the Coalition in this lawsuit and the suit filed last week in state district court in East Baton Rouge Parish.

Elliott Stonecipher

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