Troublesome “Goober”-natorial Accounting

by CB Forgotston

On Friday, Jindal issued an Executive Order terminating the payment of per diems for all boards and commissions in the Executive Branch.

Per the Executive Order the reason for eliminating the per diems: “[T]he termination of per diem expenditures is necessary to decrease the drain on the state general funds….” (Emphasis mine.)

According the Baton Rouge Advocate stopping the per diems will save the SGF $50,000.

Bobby Jindal just hired Tim Barfield to be the new Secretary of Revenue at the salary of $250,000.  That’s $126,000 more than Barfield’s predecessor.

Bad dog!
Time for a new accountant?

The net result of these two actions is a LOSS to the State General Fund of $76,000.

Obviously, Bobby didn’t take any accounting courses at Brown or Oxford.