Secretary of State Warns: Democrat Voter Drives Are Going To The Dogs…And Cats…And The Dead, Etc.


**We can all agree that voting is a right and responsibility of American citizens, but when a George Soros funded front group is working to elect Democrats by filling out registration forms for dead folks, convicted felons and even the family dog we’ve got a problem.

LA SOS Tom Schedler

A few days ago, Secretary of State Tom Schedler released a public warning for Louisianians to be on the lookout for mailings from the Voter Participation Center, a Washington-based nonprofit organization that’s been filling out registration forms for people. Some of those people are long dead or otherwise ineligible to vote because they are underage, non-citizens, etc.

Others are precluded from voting—fairly or unfairly—because they are dogs and cats, Schedler said.

The Secretary of State’s Office has logged over 200 complaints in recent weeks from people that include:

  • Application was pre-filled with a nickname.
  • Recipient thought someone was trying to change their name.
  • Applicant on mailing is dead, in some cases since the 1960′s and 1970′s.
  • Applicant’s name was misspelled.
  • Recipients were concerned with identity theft.
  • Underage children received applications.
  • Recipients questioned whether the pre-filled applications were legitimate.
  • Recipients were already registered.
  • Addressee on mailing didn’t live at the address.
  • Addressee on mailing lives and is registered in another state.
  • Addressee on mailing isn’t a U.S. citizen.
  • Recipients thought the secretary of state or registrar of voters was changing their voter registration information.
  • Applications contained insufficient information.
  • Recipients were confused by the mailing.
  • Signatures didn’t match signatures on file in the Registrar of Voters Office.
  • Applications were mailed to convicted felons.*Call it a slow news weekend or just call it business as usual in politics. If this story is a spoof, it’s a fairly good one, since CBS and others picked up on it immediately. (Full Story)A “non-profit group” seems to have mailed out a massive number of voter registration forms targeting likely Democratic leaning recipients. No problem so far. Nothing wrong with getting registration forms out to the public. They also took the extra step of filling in some of the information in advance. Now we’re getting a little dodgy, but if they don’t pre-fill the party registration or demographic details, it might still be OK. So… what could possibly go wrong?

Though VPC describes itself as a “nonpartisan organization,” its overriding objective is to increase electoral support for Democrats. Each of its target groups has traditionally been a reliable supporter of the Democratic Party. According to an October 2010 VPC study, for instance, unmarried women favor Democratic candidates by a 67%-to-28% margin—in contrast to married women, who lean 52%-to-40% in favor of Republicans. Similarly, 86% of African Americans and 64% of Hispanics identify themselves as Democrats. And in 2008, fully66% of voters under age 30 supported Barack Obama.

VPC was originally known as “Women’s Voices, Women Vote” (WVWV), and started out as a project of the Tides Center in 2003; two years later, it incorporated as a stand-alone entity. The name was formally changed in 2011 to reflect the fact that the organization had expanded its focus beyond unmarried women, to include the entire RAE.

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