Another Jindal Appointee Forced Out


by CB Forgotston

Gautreaux Canned!

When Nick Gautreaux was a state senator, he was a thorn in Bobby Jindal’s side. In order to remove the thorn, Jindal gave Gautreaux a plum appointment in the Executive Branch.

Gautreaux was unqualified for the position to which Jindal appointed him and ultimately proved himself incapable. This is just another example of what poor decisions Jindal makes in the name of political expediency.

Monday it was announced that Gautreaux would be leaving to take a position in the private sector.   Those are code words for being forced out.

The real story appears to be that Gautreaux screwed up and got canned as a result. See story here.

Hopefully, Jindal will appoint someone qualified this time to the position, but if history is any evidence he will just appoint another political hack.