Open the Treasury – Vouchers G0!

Judge Kelly Rules!

Out-of-control Education reform will be allowed to proceed unabated as Baton Rouge Judge Tim Kelly refused to halt implementation of Act 2 and SCR 99  and the processing of paperwork intended to give private and parochial schools funding from the Minimum Foundation funds.

Judge Kelly has also set an expedited schedule to rule on the validity of the laws. Funding may now begin to open up for the schools that don’t even have classrooms, teachers, desks, or students. But, these schools can file for payments and commence online educational programs that may cripple their students for the remainder of their educational experiences.

The LFT, LAE and LSBA object to the use of the state’s public school financing formula to pay for tuition for some students to attend private and parochial schools.

The Black Alliance for Educational Options, the Alliance for School Choice and two parents with children in New Orleans schools have intervened in the suits in defense of the state.