Appeal of Taxation Without Proper Representation

The following is the text of the Appeal of action regarding Bossier Parish School Board Tax Election. The Matter is still open to court action after today’s plea before the Louisiana Second Court of Appeals in Shreveport.
by John Settle

[John Settle before the court]

Members of the Court,
It is an honor to address you two days before the Fourth of July–Independence Day; Wednesday we will celebrate our freedom–the day the Declaration of Independence was signed…

… a declaration, and subsequent revolution, that was triggered by Americans complaining of Taxation Without Representation.
Today before you is a case that involves TAXATION BY FRAUDULENT REPRESENTATION…utilizing public dollars, public employees, and public resources of the Bossier Parish School Board And it’s a case that is tainted by the failure of a judge to recuse himself DESPITE substantial, and important, contacts with the Bossier Parish School Board.

And a judge that hurried the presentation of the plaintiff’s case by constant comments in chambers and at bench conferences that if the case was not completed by 1 pm on the day of the trial (June 25th) that it would be continued for several weeks…
Counsel has alleged a “no right of action” defense under LRS 18:1401 and under LaCCP Art 927 B this exception may be noticed by you–the appellate court.
Does the Court want to address this issue now?

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