Do your job–get fired. Create a mess–get promoted!


by CB Forgotston

On Tuesday afternoon Senate spokesperson Brenda Hodge contacted me on behalf of Sen. Francis Thompson.

Hodge informed that Thompson had not yet filed for an alternate fuels tax credit on a 2011 vehicle he had purchased.

Hodge explained that an early version of the story in the Monroe paper on the tax credit had indicated that Thompson had already filed an amended 2011 income tax return.


This entire tax credit fiasco appears headed for the courts.  Depending on how the courts unravel the mess Thompson could have several years in which to apply for the credit.


There’s great irony in the situation.  The two people most responsible for creating the mess in 2009 are then-State Rep. Jane Smith and Bobby Jindal.

Jindal & Jane Smith

Apparently, neither Smith nor Jindal read the law.  If they did they didn’t understand it.

Cynthia Bridges, Secretary of Revenue, read the law and understood it.  For her efforts Bridges was summarily fired by Jindal.

Bridges’ replacement is Jane Smith who created the problem.

Jindal management

The moral of this story is: Do your job and get fired. Create a mess and get promoted. That’s how Bobby manages our state.