Legislators/Officials Get to Be FIRST!

by CB Forgotson

From media reports we know that well over 300 individuals took advantage of the much discussed $3,000 tax credit for purchasing alternative energy vehicles.

We know that Rep. Jim Fannin filed an amended tax return to take advantage of the credit for two vehicles he purchased in 2010.

Before alerting the governor’s office, Sen. Francis Thompson filed for the tax break.

We also know that Sen. John Alario helped his accounting clients get the break.

Who else?

We don’t how many other leges are among the 300 plus recipients of the break.

Nor do we know how many other public officials, including new Revenue Secretary Jane Smith, and other members of Team Jindal took advantage of the break.

We should assume that the leges read the legislation on which they voted. If they didn’t know about the break, they should have it. The written words are clear and ambiguous.

How they voted

Here is the House vote.  Here is the Senate vote.

Action needed

If your current lege voted for the law in 2009, ask them whether they took advantage of the tax break which, if you haven’t yet, you can’t.

Please let me know and I will compile a list.

I’ve asked my senator Bodi White who voted for the tax break when he was in the House. Getting a response from Bodi is, well, problematic.