Here, There & Everywhere – Jindal in West Virginia

Jindal Finds his Beat!

Like the old Beatles song, he’s “Here, There & Everywhere…” But he’s looking out for #1 (as if we don’t know who that is.)

Appearing at what seems to be a fund raiser for the Governor (LOL), the national press is viewing with amusement the charade of the expectant bride’s maids or beauty contestants for the GOP VP spot. After all, what else is there to focus attention between now and the convention?

Jindal’s comparisons of West Virginia and Louisiana as the persecuted states of the Obama administration only weakens his image in the national landscape.  “Right now we’ve got a president in the White House who has declared war on the coal industry and we know something about that because he’s been very hostile to the oil and gas industry,” said Jindal. “Both of these industries are critical to the economies of West Virginia and the state of Louisiana.”

Deepwater Horizon rig Burns

Jindal referenced the White House ordered moratorium on oil drilling following the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico costing thousands of jobs in his home state and now West Virginia is paying a similar price as utility plants are being closed and coal mines are facing layoffs.

However, today Chevron and Statoil ASA are among 48 companies vying for the first oil-drilling rights in the central Gulf of Mexico since the BP 2010 spill, tapping a region the U.S. says may yield more than 1 billion barrels. The auction today for tracts covering almost 39 million acres off Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi is the first in the region since the BP disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. A sale about a month before the April 2010 BP disaster raised $949.3 million for the U.S. This current sale is expected to be even larger.

The greatest issue in the public’s mind is the need for continued vigilant monitoring of drilling, at least to a greater extent than prior to the BP disaster. A total of 1,074 miles of gulf coastline has been oiled since the spill began, and oil continues to wash ashore a year after BP stopped the flow, according to the National Atmospheric and Oceanic Administration.

We're all in the history books. But what role will we take?
Huey P. Jindal?

Jindal just can’t seem to get traction in his bid to become a player on the national scene with issues plaguing him at home. Perhaps Jindal will connect with the Mountaineers. They are certainly welcome to his values and tyrannical methods of dealing with his opponents or even those who dare speak negatively of his programs.

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