Stealing Votes in America – Preparing for 2012 Election –

by Marion Marks
Some think this is “Gospel”

Vote stealing is certainly not limited to central American or Communist countries. Packing the polls is almost expected in some American elections. The 2008 ACORN scandal was believed to be a rampant problem. Yet from a 2004 revelation, America seems to have mastered the art of Vote Theft!  

In an interview with one of the most knowledgeable computer election security experts Stephen Spoonamore, the manipulation of the system is discussed in great detail. This issue, “Key” state focus states and the fact that more than Four Billion dollars may be spent to swing nine states in the in the 2012 Presidential primary will be covered in a series of articles leading up to the November election.

The 2012 Presidential election will mark the first time that almost unlimited funds will be available to promote messages and influence voter turnout and votes. The Wisconsin recall election may have signaled many things, but it is only the beginning of the Sale of the American Democracy.

Our focus begins with attempting to force more Americans to recognize their responsibility to get involved in the Democratic process. It’s so simple to set aside some time to take part in the selection of people who will determine your future. Voter apathy must be overcome because without your vote less than 15% and perhaps as few as 10% of America will determine the path we take. So I hope you will follow some of the articles a group of concerned citizens have researched as relevant to these issues.

This COMPLETE and previously unreleased interview with prominent Republican computer security expert Stephen Spoonamore by former ABC News Producer Rebecca Abrahams. In this interview Spoonamore discusses the shortcomings of Diebold electronic voting machines, the ease with which they can be corrupted and irregularities in the 2004 Presidential Election.

Spoonamore gives a candid review of the current status of voting machines and how they are and have been used to STEAL elections. These facts are generally unknown and unrecognized by all Americans.

Facts such as the ability to override results and modify results during or after the voting process has become cases for great concern. Spoonamore vehemently states, “I am a Republican, I’ve been a life-long member of the party, I worked on John McCain’s campaign… this is not a Democrat Republican issue. This is not a partisan issue, this is a Democracy issue.”

Spoonamore continues, “If you actually care about a constitutional democracy where every person actually votes, that vote is validated, and the people who end up in office are reflected on the basis of the way people voted you care about this issue. If you don’t want people to vote, and if you don’t want people’s vote to count, you want to rule without owning it by a mandate, then you are very supportive of  Diebold(the company that manufactures, programs and controls election machines. The voting machines we have and the way elections are carried out is as highly regulated almost as the minting of money!).

Spoonamore further emphatically states, “I certainly know in all the known statistical information… It seems in every single bizarre circumstance where exit data, polling data or informational data swings, it has all been in favor of Republicans, but not the sort of Republicans I want to see in office at all. These are people who lie, and people who cheat. That is not the conservative way. Conservatives conserve things. We are constitutionally based.”

The basis of the continued public inability to force the issue on investigating the voting machine scandal is people do not want to believe that people want to steal elections in this country.

Spoonamore states that people are incredulous to the fact that “Something is wrong!” He believe that some elections have had between five and twelve percent of the votes “Flipped” to the winning candidate. An explanation of how this is accomplished is part of the interview.

This is a video that all Americans should view and demand that election commissions be responsive to the potential voter fraud in voting machine manipulation. An informed electorate may be a better electorate. But apathy seems to have been the greatest obstacle for voter s to overcome. This is just one more obstacle that reform in America must manage.