Jindal Has Values on Gambling and Families


In a move consistent with previously stated philosophical values of the of his supporters and the voting majority in the state, Governor Bobby Jindal vetoed bills that would have opened Louisiana up to greater video poker proliferation. The veto is not only consistent with the governor’s stated philosophy, it is consistent with the wishes of those who currently have the power in the gambling structure within the state. As long as there is controlled access to gambling and limited dollars, those who currently have control of the market want to make sure no one else is allowed to compete.

While this point of view may seem inconsistent with the family values forum, the parties do feed from the same trough. We are glad they play well together. Details of this veto and the ramifications of other bills that are being signed is covered in the Baton Rouge Advocate. Story Here.

Jindal – Leader of the Band!

The moral here is that politics truly can make for strange bedfellows! The party has only beguns.