Mistake Made – Let’s Do Better!

by Parker G. Ward, Shreveport
Note: on occasion we run pieces submitted by various writer of ALL perspectives. We felt that Parker Ward deserved a public forum.

I am disturbed by the arrogance displayed by Mayor Cedric Glover and his cronies. Yes, I will admit it, in 2010 I endorsed him for reelection, after my failed bid for Mayor, because he was a fairly decent Mayor in his first term and I had a grudge against Bryan

Wooley Illegal sign
AN illegal sign for Wooley

Wooley. However, I regret giving him my support, I and several other Conservatives thought he would continue to govern for all of Shreveport. His second term has been far from governing for all of Shreveport. He has been governing for his cronies. Here is some reason why I have come to this conclusion:

  1. In front of the City Council Chambers in a sign that states “No Cell Phone” and what does Glover do? He uses his cell phone and twitter page, in a City Council Meeting, to attack a person.
  2. If you disagree with him on Finishing 3132, as I do, he personally attacks you. Really, I know from email conservations with him, if you disagree with him on anything, he attacks you personally.
  3. He attacked Mr. Darrell Rebouche because of his connections to the Willis-Knighton Health System and their connections to Finish 3132.
  4. Running up Shreveport’s debt into the Billions.
what a mistake
Ashamed but ready to move on!

Yes, I am ashamed by my endorsement of him. However, I will be making steps to amend it. I ask the citizens of Shreveport to not hold it against me. I have learned a lot since then and will never make that mistake again. Learning is a growing process, now that I am officially in the workforce, as a Blue Collar worker, I have learned a lot. Contrary to public belief, I am not rich with money. I am rich with love of family, freedom of a great country, and rich with the love of God and Jesus Christ.