More on Mayor gone wild…..


“We’re all players on a stage…”

Mayor Cedric Glover seemed to take control of the recent Shreveport City Council meeting when he grilled Acadiana Place resident and Willis Knighton employee Darrell Rebouche. The mayor demanded to know if Rebouche was there representing his employer. Rebouche stated he was there strictly to represent the Acadiana Place Homeowners Association. Glover then asked Rebouche if any of his colleagues served on the council, to which he responded, “Not to my knowledge.”


Willie Bradford demanded that Council chairman Sam Jenkins explain the rationale of allowing Mayor Glover to take the reins and grill a citizen who had the right to appear before the council. Bradford wrote:
Unbelievable and shameful… This is no way to treat a citizen. I’m appalled that Chairman Jenkins and the other council members allowed this to happen. When citizens exercise their right come to the public’s square they should not be subject to rudeness and intimidation by the mayor or council members.

Anyway, how did this issue become a  Willis Knighton vs. Tim Larkin encounter?

Willis Knighton has no financial interest or gain regarding 3132. The residents and businesses of that area, along with others have said unequivocally that they do not oppose Tim Larkin’s Development. The efforts of the 3132 Coalition have been to oppose any undertaking that would impede the expansion of 3132. Nothing more, nothing less.

It was the MPC that denied Larkin a permit, not Willis Knighton.

The map as was...

The lines have been drawn, but the leadership is still in question.