Disgraced Ex-President Lombardi Tries to Con Us

by CB Forgotston

This is an opportunity to respond to the hundreds who have sent and continue to send the recent article ( Read it here.) by John Lombardi the disgraced former president of the LSU System.

The thinly-veiled account of how politics and government work in Louisiana is entertaining and accurate. It is the writer who disgusts me.

Lombardi stood by saying nothing about the obvious problems for years while waiting for his huge pension to build up. In fact, he was a bitterly divisive person and willing participant in everything he now deplores.

Out the door

On the way out the door Lombardi finally says something and this thing only obliquely.

His is not much a work by someone who received a $600k advance (His paycheck for the last year of his contract for doing nothing.) to write it.

Lombardi disgusts me not because he tells the truth about my state, but because he didn’t have the guts to say something when it would have made a difference.


Sour grapes

Lombardi’s missive is easily dismissed as “sour grapes” by a con man that took our state for millions of dollars and accomplishing nothing positive.

If Lombardi had any guts, he would have named names rather than hiding behind a fictionalize account of reality.

Lombardi didn’t have any courage while he was heading LSU. Now that he has been fired Lombardi leaves with his tail between his legs and a fat retirement in his pocket; he still lacks any courage.

Thanks to all for sending the article, but frankly it makes me angry to think what could have been if Lombardi had simply done his job while he was employed by the taxpayers of Louisiana.

Don’t let the door hit you in the butt, Doc!

A disgusted LSU Alum,