by Elliott Stonecipher

Many of you have e-mailed me for more information about Mayor Cedric Glover’s grilling of Darrell Rebouche in this past Tuesday’s Shreveport City Council meeting.  I hope this report will help fill in some gaps.

Rebouche wandered into Glover’s political line-of-fire as Darrell attempted to address the Council about an issue impacting his Acadiana Place neighbors.  Glover was there to manipulate things as necessary to extract from the City Council an override of its recent Metropolitan Planning Commission (MPC) ruling against his big bud Tim Larkin.   

As many of us know and respect, Darrell Rebouche is not one to get involved in political lying / cheating / stealing / manipulating.  When he rose to address the City Council, and to explain and present petitions from some 150 Acadiana Place neighbors, he specifically offered-up a prefacing, positive comment about Glover.  Glover made him eat it, of course.  He ignored Rebouche’s very careful explanation of his purpose in addressing the Council, a purpose unrelated to the 3132 Extension, much less to WKHS.

Primed to ATTACK!

Glover and Council members, as one council member telegraphed in its work session the day before, were primed and prepped and salivating for the moment when he/they would attack Councilman Joe Shyne for having done work for WKHS several years ago.  Rebouche walked right into that confected and pre-scripted attack, totally unaware.  In trying to get Rebouche to declare that he was a WKHS employee, then to declare whether or not there were “other Willis-Knighton employees” in the room (a.k.a. Shyne), Glover commandeered the meeting – totally against Council rules, not to mention decency – and grilled and grilled and grilled Rebouche.  While Glover’s awful-to-watch (even on television) performance provided bit of lousy theater, it also fell decidedly flat.  Rebouche didn’t know anything about Shyne’s work those years ago, so he wasn’t the coup de grace Glover tried to set him up to be.

Glover and His Prohibited Smart Phone  

Enter into the story a very telling parallel plot.

Many of you know that there is a sign posted at the entrance of the City Council chamber (SEE Enlarged photo) which prohibits the use of cell phones and like devices in the chamber. 

Some of you also know that Glover uses his smartphone, openly and constantly, throughout any and all meetings he attends in that Chamber, making certain everyone knows that he only pays attention when he’s talking. The City Council makes those rules, and they are meant to apply to Glover, council members, staff and audience.  Most importantly, as some Council members privately attest, Glover uses the device to run the meetings, texting the Chairperson – political ally and would-be-mayor Sam Jenkins right now – with his orders throughout.

In evidence of how Glover demonstrates and flaunts the meaningless of the prohibition, in the heat of City business, he uses his camera phone to take the pictures of those addressing the council, and tweets those photos with his self-serving comments included (SEE tweet), in real time.  The way Glover sees things, this kind of tweeting is just another intimidation tactic.


Oh … yes, in case you are wondering, the 3132 Coalition has objected, in writing, to the Council about these matters, just as we have objected, in writing, to Tim Larkin’s use of an expired LA DOTD permit in Tuesday’s Council session.  (That permit had to be valid for his case to even come before the Council in the first place … if the rule of law held currency there.)

To read Darrell’s personal account of his venture into our mayor’s alternate reality, here’s his blog address and post:


 If the City Council wants ever to be respected, it will first have to rid its meetings of the (serious) joke Glover has turned the body, if not the city, into.

Elliott Stonecipher


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