Simply a Bad Idea

by CB Forgotston


Rep Abramson's Bad Idea!

House Resolution 46 by Rep. Neil Abramson is a poorly conceived effort to retaliate against one person by punishing all of us by trampling our First Amendment rights.

The Alexandria newspaper weighs in on the matter today. Read about it here.

If Abramson or any other lege doesn’t like hearing from their constituents they need to find another line of work.  They shouldn’t punish us for doing our civic duty by expressing our views and holding them accountable when they don’t represent us.

The Future

Abramson plans “to review the idea over the next year. He said he’ll return with a proposal next year.” Associated Press, May 22, 2012

No, his idea doesn’t need a review. Abramson needs to admit that his idea was a knee-jerk reaction and his effort to punish us needs to stop – NOW!

Kudos to the Alexandria Town Talk for being the only newspaper to weigh in on this matter.