Taxpayers’ watchdog snuffed by Jindal

by CB Forgotson

Bobby Jindal has stood by quietly while his henchmen in the lege have terminated the office of State Inspector General (“IG”).

The IG was created in 1988 and made permanent by Jindal in 2008. The purpose of the office is to ferret out waste, fraud and corruption in the Executive Branch of government.

It is the only such office in state government where we mere citizens have to go to report waste, fraud and corruption.

When the IG’s funding ends at Midnight on June 30, we will have nowhere to go.

What to do

Ring the Bell - RAISE HELL!

Numerous people have asked what they can do to restore the funding to the IG’s office. Technically, it merely requires an amendment to the State Budget (HB 1) adopted in the Senate Finance Committee.

However, in the world of political reality at our state capitol, the only way the IG’s funding can be restored is if Jindal tells the leges to put the funding back.

It’s more than ironic that a man who ran on a reform platform is now standing by watching one of his only reforms be destroyed without lifting a finger to stop it.

Please pass this message on to other LA citizens who mourn the loss of our IG.