The Legacy of “Huey P.” Jindal

by C.B. Forgotston
Louisiana Governor Lives in his own mind.
"Huey P." Jindal

It’s not too early to begin writing the legacy of Bobby Jindal.

A lot of conservatives in the national media are touting Jindal for Vice President of the United States. Either these conservatives are not fiscal conservatives or they are ignorant of who Jindal is.

While I would like to rid Louisiana of Jindal as soon as possible, I don’t wish to inflict him on my fellow Americans. So, I will begin the process of introducing the facts into the Jindal myth.

Jindal vs. Long

Bobby Jindal is doing his best to live up to and exceed the worst traits of the late Huey P. Long. Long was a ruthless, tyrant who ran our state in the 1930s who punished his ‘enemies’ (anyone who didn’t do things his way) in every way but physical torture or at least we think he didn’t.

“Huey P” Jindal (his latest moniker) is following in Long’s footsteps. However, where Long merely used the poor people of our state to remain in power, he didn’t punish them.

Jindal, on the other hand, punishes the poor people of our state and merely ignores his “enemies” (anyone who doesn’t do his bidding without question).

Unlike Huey, Jindal lacks the guts to even face his enemies. Jindal orders his lackeys to threaten, intimidate and coerce his enemies.

The lackeys also lack the guts to address the enemies, so the lackeys take Jindal’s ire out on the little people of Louisiana. There two very recent examples of Jindal’s tactics.

Jindal punishes the people

Last week, the House Appropriations Committee stripped all of the funding from the governor’s office for the State’s Inspector General’s Office. The job of the IG is to ferret out waste, fraud and corruption in LA.

Jindal stood by and did nothing. Yesterday, Jindal helped defeat an amendment to the State Budget to restore the funding for the IG.

The people punished by eliminating the IG effective July 1 was not the leges, it was you and me. The IG is the only place that we ordinary citizens have in state government to report waste, fraud and corruption.

Jindal is thus condoning corruption in our state.

Yesterday, a group of fiscally-conservative, Republican, leges tried to meet with Jindal to discuss alternatives to violating the state constitution by using one-time funds in the State Operating Budget. Jindal refused to meet with them.

Not only did Jindal refuse to meet with the leges, he ran out of the Capitol to avoid seeing them. Jindal went to New Orleans to dedicate two industrial cranes at the Port of New Orleans.

The fiscally-conservative leges ultimately prevailed and removed the illegal funds from the state budget.

Jindal’s reaction was to send out a threatening letter in retaliation for the leges removing the illegal funds. Jindal will now cut healthcare for poor, elderly and children. He will also cut funding for Higher Education which only hurts our young people who we would like to see remain in our state after graduation.

These actions are of tyrant who is afraid of the leges so he takes out his wrath on those who can’t fight back. That is a true definition of a coward.

A work in progress

We're all in the history books. But what role will we take?
Huey P. Jindal?

What you just read is the real Bobby Jindal. There’s more to come as the real Jindal continues to unfold and his legacy is written by us.

If anyone has direct contact with the national media conservatives, please pass this on to them in an effort to save America from Bobby Jindal.

Thank you.

C.B.The Waste Mobile