He’s BAAAACK! Robert Bork, Judicial Gatekeeper

85 year old Robert Bork
Bork is Baaaack!

The Match is now SET! The strategists are revealing their first rounds of the game plan. The Romney forces and strategists are playing their hand, Part ONE. Robert Bork will set the tone for all judicial positioning and act as the clearing house for future policy statements.

Somewhere in history the “Originalist” was deemed unacceptable to the path that democracy was taking in America. Somewhere in history, a “majority” of Americans determined that the reinterpretation of the Constitution would not pass thru the Bork interpretation of the judiciary. Somewhere in history, rational minds, as well as political will, determined that the Bork philosophy could not become the practice of the land.

Now the chosen Romney gatekeeper for judicial position statements and as head of the Justice Advisory Committee, Robert Bork, is “Baaaaak!” If this is the position of the Republican Party, then the election has just been handed new lines in the dirt. All along it was believed that the Massachusetts philosophy for judicial restraint would hold sway in the Romney campaign. However, the “Far Right Wing” elements of the GOP seem to hold the power in these decisions. Or, perhaps, the “Etch-a-Sketch” is just swaying with the tide of the party.

Perhaps Bill Clinton is as wise as the pundits assert and the GOP apparent nominee should be allowed to present the position that reflects the majority of the leaders of the GOP. This will include the Bork “gate-keeper” principles that are in the public record. Additionally the Romney “flip-flop” that is easily documented through comparing these guidelines with the Romney Massachusetts record.

Lightening rods, such as Robert Bork, are the key to understanding the motivation for the moving forces withing the political system. The “Bork” factor will give greater definition to the Romney campaign than any appointee or position statement to date.