BP – 2nd Anniversary Week ;-(


11 Dead – 87 Days to Cap BP Disaster

The second anniversary of the BP disaster is this week, April 20th. Not one person, corporation, government entity or business along the gulf coast has been spared the harm this man-made disaster has wrought. And the damage is only accumulating with no light at the end of the tunnel in sight.

Amy Wold, staff reporter for the Baton Rouge Advocate, released today an in-depth analysis (Article HERE) of the effect this disaster has proven to the gulf coast economy and environment to date. The essence of this article and scientific study is that it would be a gross injustice to say either:

  1.  We know the extent of the damage from BP disaster.
  2. The losses to the environment can be measured in monetary terms.
  3. The economic impact of BP has limited reach.
Cat Island at the time of the 2010 disaster

We have learned many things, but at what cost to our culture, the environment and those directly affected? Any effort by BP, paid spokesmen or bought politicians to cap damages or call the event concluded must be rudely denied. The Natural Resource Damage Assessment program is a work in progress that will yield results through consistent measurement of all related sources. People cannot say “Job Complete” at will. Damages resources will be affected for generations to come. No dollar amount can be established until the process is completed.

Cat Island-today's remnant!