Zombies in Caddo?


Simply put, What is the function of the Zombie Response Team in the Caddo District Attorney’s Office?

We believe there is a rather simple explanation. However, the public deserves a very simple response. A citizen of Caddo Parish has submitted an email request to Charles Grubb, Caddo Parish Attorney, requesting an explanation of the parish’s position of this group.

This photo implies that the Zombie Response Team Is a part of the District Attorney’s office. Where is this organization in the Parish organization? Should the parish be asking the District Attorney for an explanation? What legal authority does this group function to support? How is this group financed within the “Caddo” structure?

We look forward to the public explanation of how “Zombies” fit into the parish government. One explanation is that there may be subversive militant groups in our midst from whom the public needs protection. If this is the case, the public should be informed. If not, perhaps the “Zombies” are the threat.Are we at risk of Zombies in Caddo Parish?