Louisiana Education 101


 Not to be too critical of the discussion but some of you need to be a little more in the concrete (as opposed to being fitted with concrete boots.)  The Governor’s plan and that of the majority of the charter school backers is to educate the major segment of the population better than we currently are in the status quo. 

Most of them have no evil agenda in their plans. However they have neither the experience nor the motivation to concern themselves with the whole of the school population. They don’t intend to be selfish or hostile, they just happen to come across that way if you look at the results at will come from their plans.
Questions that must be posed to citizens are as follows:
1. How many “successful schools,” as promoted by the educational advocates of the governor’s agenda approximate the census mix of the general Louisiana population?
2. Who will be responsible for students who don’t fit in the “new system” of charter schools? Meaning general special education and problematic students, who educated these?
3. Who will REALLY audit the public funds? Especially of interest will be the “for profit educational groups” – who is going to force them to be prudent with public monies? Who will pay the penalty when they are caught?
The overriding concern is – we are moving quickly to pass on a partially thought out product that has questionable issues that need further discussion. People need to become more alarmed and concerned that we may end up with the proverbial “pig in a poke.”