Understanding Natural Tendencies in Politics


Louisiana celebrates the Democratic Process of the Presidential Primary today, yet troubling issues fester on the horizon. We may be following natural tendencies as organizations adopt the expected stances addressing major environmental issues related to news of the day. Oil company public relations spokesmen have turned up the rhetoric addressing the lawsuits filed comparing them to “legal sludge  choking their business.” And, BP is questioning the scientific findings from thirty-two dolphins caught in August in Louisiana’s heavily oiled Barataria Bay that were found to suffer from a range of symptoms including anemia, low body weight, hormone deficiencies, liver disease, and lung problems.

Details of these expected positions is disclosed in press releases from the parties. And stories in the news substantiate these facts.

Louisiana oil companies decry ‘abusive’ rash of lawsuits, say industry hurting
Louisiana dolphins are ‘very sick;’ study of ‘unusual mortality event’ continues
NYT Blog Supports Sick Dolphin Facts
Miami Herald Report Dolphin Problems
Oil Exposure Symptoms – Huffington Post

Greater scrutiny of facts are warranted and the continued scientific study will support a proper path for future decisions. If you read this, I hope you remembered to VOTE TODAY!