Safe From the Zombies

Zombie Response Team License

Caddo Parish and Louisiana is accepted as “Hollywood South” – our locations for movie production is known worldwide. We have an Oscar winning company in Shreveport! Now we are going to be known as “Zombieland!” Our shadow will be the “Land of the Zombie Response Team” – centered in the Caddo Parish District Attorney’s office at 501 Texas Street.

Members of the Caddo DAs office have commissions (list) from the Caddo Sheriff to carry handguns for the express purpose of being either “Office Paper Service ONLY” or “Office Post Certified.” Caddo Sheriff Prator’s understanding was that DA’s staff would be serving papers in an environment that they needed to have a firearm for security. The sheriff brought the original complaint against the need to have the M-16s because it was not part of their commission to carry this type of firearm.

Previously it was reported that members of the Caddo District Attorney’s staff comprised a leadership position in the paramilitary training group SACR Resources (see prior article in, but further evidence has been produced that this organization has members who are also members of the previously unreported section of the District Attorney’s staff. The logo of the group contains elements of the seal of the State of Louisiana as well as Caddo Parish. The pelican of the State seal is overlaid with a hand that appears to rise from underneath, as the Latin reads “Mortuos Liberamus Viventes.” Loosely translated it means “From the Dead they will Protect the Living!”

Now we know why the DA’s staff needed eight Machine guns ( M-16 fully automatic assault rifles s), vehicles equipped with sirens and lights and tactical assault training. This is all an attempt to protect North Louisiana from the Zombies! The ZRT, Zombie Response Team, had license plates, badges, patches, letterhead, etc. made! The ZRT even had a MASSIVE foam board made that was hanging in Section Three when Brady was there. He has since moved it up to the 8th floor in his ‘media room.’”*

In fairness, perhaps they are just using taxpayer dollars to get roles in the movies. We want to believe all the press releases given by the District Attorney that this was all just a simple misunderstanding and the guns are headed to the Webster Parish Sheriff’s office for proper use. The concept of the ZRT bring images that just are not positive for Louisiana, Caddo Parish, the Caddo District Attorney’s office, use of public funds or anyone other that movie producers looking for a script.

Caddo Assistant District Attorney Lea Hall

Taxpayer funds deserve greater respect from our public officials, and this just doesn’t reflect well on anyone. Let’s have a full disclosure, clean this matter up and get on with the proper business of the District Attorney and law enforcement.

 *online report in Statewide legal blog and source of photo