The Caddo DA’s Gun Mess

by John E. Settle, Jr.

There is a BIG difference in serving as a Caddo District Judge and Caddo District Attorney. Caddo DA Charles Scott should realize by now that accountability is important as THE district attorney and unlike judicial decisions, the public DOES have the right to question his actions and inaction on matters of public interest. Surely Scott understands that the purchase of government surplus automatic rifles, even at the nominal price of $50 per weapon, demands a full disclosure as to the reasoning for the purchase, the now reported transfer of some of these rifles, and the existence of any special ops units composed of assistant district attorneys that were to utilize this weaponry.

Certainly it would be better if ALL comments on the M16/Don Ashley matter be made by Scott, or a public relations spokesperson for his office. Scott’s inconsistent statements have been further compounded by extensive comments by an assistant district attorney, much of which deal with the termination by Scott of a long time DA investigator. The longer Scott maintains a foxhole approach to this mess, the more scrutiny and skepticism he can expect, –and rightly so. Scott can and should do better as the Caddo Parish District Attorney.

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