Public Education: Learn From All Of Life


Citizens of Caddo parish, we are in learning mode – ALL THE TIME. Right now, we are more sensitive to change, or as it really is known, criticism, in our environment. If we learn nothing else from this process, it will be the reinforcement that some “Zebras or Leopards” may have choices about altering their stripes or spots. My hope is that some of the zebras stripes may be appropriately tagged with ID numbers in small rooms with bars on the windows and locked doors. Then the leopards may have an opportunity to effect positive change.

I must remain optimistic that good will come out of apparent chaos. History, our eternal teacher, leads us to conclusions that the players we know will continue in a role we have known them. It’s like the roadrunner and coyote, we know he’s always going to get stuck with the dynamite in his hand and fall off the cliff. Do we learn anything…

Be resolved to learn constantly from everyone in your immediate surroundings. When you see someone with positive character traits, learn from him traits you can work on developing. And when you see someone with negative traits, focus on the harm of having those traits!

Keep learning from life itself. There is no phenomenon in the world from which you cannot learn something practical. By utilizing every opportunity to gain wisdom, you will constantly keep improving and growing.

If you are in learning mode today, list at least five people you encounter frequently. Then think of a positive quality you can learn from each one. Perhaps they and you should be involved in the process of changing Caddo’s future. There is no more important task on the agenda.