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Jimmy’s Corner

by Jimmy Couvillion
Scott Hughes?

The point has been made from the Governor’s Office, the State’s Program towards improving education at the K-12 level is going to be with the creation of new charter schools and vouchers. While each parish elects its own school board members here in Caddo our school system according to what we read, needs to be revamped, revitalized and forced to pay attention and march in a new direction.  The only body that we hear about is the Alliance for Education that is stepping up to the plate and is going to knock the planned curve ball out of the park.  Is it going to be an inside or outside pitch maybe a knuckle or slider, only the batter knows.  Some of us would at least like to hear the conversation between the pitcher and catcher with or without the State manager from the dugout.

Belonging to associations is not always easy for me, but Scott Hughes with the Alliance for Education is going to be the speaker at the Southern Hills Business Association, on Feb. 28 at 6:30 PM, at the business center on Baird Road.  The status quo should take this opportunity, as well as the community members, who always support Midway Policy. That policy  of don’t tell the public anything, if you can keep it from them has kept them in office.  A gang tackle policy exist for any critic that rises up to question or criticize school board policy or a blanket comment about bad teachers.  No other body can get so emotional over criticism and still come up short.

I remember when Larry Ramsey addressed the business association on Vision 2020, without having any paper available to pass out to members. With some effort and going to Midway, the whole Vision 2020 was put on the website with his help. What was reported as a community program, but really was a Midway program, studying brick and mortar made a community look at the school board and the superintendent as emperors without any clothes.

Dawkins? (with Caddo $$$...)

A school board that is not willing to address its deficit issue and poor performance needs to be taken to the coat room and looking for this body to change its ways is too much to hope for. The Alliance For Education has been steady in attendance, but has been unable to have enough influence on the school board with many years of trying. Its like others that think they can make a difference and attend other local meetings like the Parish and City Council.  You are punished with having to listen to discussions with little substance, maybe a discussion on tea cakes,  to only get to the mic at the end of the affair to talk for 3 minutes with little attention being paid.

Will we get a monument?

The few times I have made a school board meeting the same policy was in effect, but it was worst because the seats have no cushions. Its a duel punishment from both ends to attend a school board meeting.

I am most interested to learn why we are hearing about a division of three school districts.  If this is a good idea, how long will it take to get the attention of our State legislative Body and educate them on Constitutional Issues on authority  without representation and the over used word “accountability” to the voters of the State. Ask the question, is your elected school board member accountable to any district. Ask yourself how much have I been told? Let your mind get around the geography here and determine which district or districts get the poor performing schools. If you are involved with an after school program, better get ready to open a charter school to stay employed.

Hope you take the opportunity to come to Southern Hills and lets take some batting practice.