Louisiana Jive – North Louisiana POV


A group of Shreveport musicians led by Alan Dyson brought to life a collaborative effort of Debbie Engle and Alan Dyson in a powerful analysis of the history and status of Louisiana. The flowing images and video bring together events and history from around the State but are most impressive to North Louisiana viewers due to the local images and personalities. (VIEW VIDEO)

Congratulations Debbie, Alan and the whole team!

Lyrics by D. B. Engle & Alan Dyson
Music by Alan Dyson
Music Performed by Chris Allen, Randy Guynes, Erich Avinger & Alan Dyson.
Audio Recording Engineering and Mastering by Erich Avinger
Video Compilation, Editing, Post Production
M&M Communications Concepts
Tony Paretti, dolphin wrangler
thanks to d.b.engle & kathryn usher for the use of documentary images

a d.e.Xa.d. production
Copyright ©2012, d.e.X a.d