Jindal-Teepell’s General Jane (Again…)


You just can’t make this stuff up!!

In very loud testimony of the truth of the saying, “… you just can’t make this stuff up!!” … don’t miss the story from CB Forgotston. Or see Shreveport version in the Shreveport Times.

The Governor Jindal "Friends..."

For those of you who don’t know about how things work with the governor’s office these days, consider as you read these stunning facts that Ms. Smith’s most important political friendship over the past four years was with Timmy Teepell, the governor’s Chief of Staff.  We are told that he left that job to become a full-time political consultant, but the hiring of Jane Smith as #2 in the state Department of Revenue & Taxation – a job for which she has no known qualifications – is highly unlikely to have been pressed or executed other than by Teepell.  In other words, as many of us in political circles discuss regularly, Teepell is 99% certain to still be calling the shots, even without working in state government.

The "Real" General Jane?

The governor’s office dumped this info last night as we headed into the weekend prep for next week’s LSU game and the governor’s own inauguration.  Arguably, only a Christmas Eve release would be less likely to have been picked up by the media.  (We thank the Shreveport Times / Gannett that they caught it, nonetheless.)

The message, I’d say, is clear:

… maybe higher education isn’t worth any spending protection in today’s state budget environment, and maybe thousands of used-to-be state employees are out of work, but there’s always another $100,000 or so (that’s a guess, but I’ll bet it’s a close one) to add to the $64,000 already being paid in retirement to an unsuccessful state senate candidate …

… if that unsuccessful state senate candidate has the right friends in government …

… and if one lives in Louisiana, where real political reform has yet to make its appearance, even after two centuries.

You know, I think what bugs me the most is that the longer I live here, the more times I’m taught that I was never in the right job or profession, and here it is again!  I should have been a teacher, coach, superintendent, state representation, FOTT (friend of Timmy Teepell), and unsuccessful candidate for state senate!

(Dummy me, still sitting here spending my time writin’ stuff like this for free.)

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