Sheva M. Sims – Judge (One of Us?)


REVISED – See **NOTE below.

Shreveport has a new City Judge! A New Standard for Public Decency in the Judiciary! We have a New World Order? Now what can we look forward to in Shreveport City Court in 2012?

I must admit it, This writer happens to be from south Louisiana, and we see lots of interesting things in our courts. Just look around at some of our court cases and the judiciary of interest: Early bar closing picketing and complaints (New Orleans changes Bar closing hours), Judge Porteus court shenanigans and recently Judge Patrick McCabe decisions. But when I was asked to examine the image of a recently elected Shreveport Judge as portrayed in Facebook and a “Public” profile, I felt I owed it to our northern family to take a look.

As one old sports commentator said “Whoa Nellie!” – I guess I must be getting old and need to make a trip up there to see what I’m missing. Shreveport Citizens are going to get a new slant on “The Bench.” It might become more like the old Zebra Room days on the down low as I heard from some of my fellow practitioners who knew of old Shreveport. I have to go check my history, but I think we will see a new side in Shreveport City Court if this is the barometer.

So Check out our new Judge Elect: Exhibit 1
A modest cocktail dress for a day or night at church…

Exhibit 2:  Cute summer fun outfit..

Exhibit 3: Ready to party…

Exhibit 4: And as the judge wrote: “Do you think I still have it?

Well, in this writer’s opinion, it’s very simple. Judge, it’s time to put the FaceBook away and be a judge. It’s time to put away the civilian image. We must have higher expectations! In short, It’s time to get serious. Otherwise the public who will have to appear in your court will want to become your “Friend,” which is contrary to the general expectation – at least as I heard it in CLE programs and seminars that you have been attending to keep your standing prior to the election.

**NOTE: The writer, upon careful reflection, feels that some comments were too harsh. And we regret this choice of words. In addition, it is our belief that Judge Sims has reconsidered her decision of leaving up the inappropriate images for view by the public by changing her privacy status on Facebook. This was an appropriate decision. However, we firmly deny there was any discriminatory treatment or sexist attitude by this writer or the directors of this blog.

We will continue to speak out against inappropriate conduct, just as we will attempt to lead the way in denouncing illegal or unethical conduct by public bodies or their leaders. In the new year we have determined to become more involved in direct opposition to programs that waste taxpayer monies in any manner. We are preparing documents to promote the prosecution of individuals or entities that have conspired to perform a number of illegal acts. Some are in the process of using public funds, others have already used public funds in the planning phase of their proposed nefarious ventures. We have many whistle blowers to thank, and you know who you are.

We appreciate the readers and activists who participated with us in 2011 and encourage others to work with us in the coming year to improve the lives and environments of all who call this region home. Our thoughts and prayers are with all who strive for the freedom for which America is known. Freedom has no color or bias. It protects our thoughts, words and symbols from persecution. Freedom allows us to express our views, respecting the code and the path of justice.

We seek a spirit of striving for the common good that will grow through open communication. Those who foster hate to divide us must understand that we expend our energy to promote programs and ideas that will benefit all citizens. We will work to expose injustice, wherever it exists. Please join us!