Congress & Art on the Edge


Art that Speaks More than We Want to Hear

Some days I learn a little, each day I hope to add at least one little tidbit of information to my grey matter. But today in Baton Rouge with family, friends and associates I have known my whole life, I received an education about politics of Louisiana in Washington. I couldn’t make this up if I tried. I even include a link to the actual office with the photo in the background!
One of our congressmen has a poster in his office depicting his view of the history of the US Constitution and the premise for his work for his leading constituents. It’s not a piece of art that hangs in a corner, it’s not something he jokes about, it’s the center of his personal office, hanging by his desk (as seen in the attached). Now we’re not talking about Louisiana art, showing off his district, we’re not showing off his children’s work, their school or something of the masters. We’re talking about art that reflects his view of the universe, what has driven him to run for congress, what drives his mission in all that he does. Some of you may think it would be spiritual, or based on his church background, but it’s more than this.

Landry Chainsaw
Congressman Jeff Landry

When you enter his outer office, on the counter he has a painted and autographed chainsaw that reflects the cuts that he wants to make in Washington. I can relate to this, as I think many Americans can with the shenanigans we have seen and the 9% rating that congress has with the public. But the art by his personal desk reinforces the 91% who feel that congress is out of touch with the country and their constituents.

This congressman who represents citizens of our state has the following art in his personal office. And I’m sorry, but this ALONE is reason to question the money we spend to pay a congressman or his staff. This is worse than the emperor wears no clothes. We think 9% could be a little too high for Landry.