It is axiomatic in politics that a candidate or office-holder’s respect for the truth disappears about as quickly as his/her ability to act selflessly.  This truth about serial lying was indelibly etched in American political history in a 1980 Presidential debate between President Jimmy Carter and soon-to-be President Ronald Reagan … here’s the You Tube clip.

Though President Reagan well-demonstrated his easy comfort with the art of prevarication in his time in office, too, the impact of this debate exchange from 1980 is historically undeniable:  President Carter’s relative fastness and looseness with the truth was used (and abused) by candidate Reagan to his very real 1980 election benefit.

No matter how many politicians immediately throw any respect for the truth under their personal and political bus, Americans don’t appreciate being lied to by those they consider electing, or by those they do elect.  Maybe it’s actually because we infer from such dishonesty the offender’s belief that we’re stupid, or maybe we assume that if he/she is dishonest about anything, then it logically follows that she/he is dishonest about everything.

Into this discussion, enter Governor Bobby Jindal.

I thank Mark Ballard at the Baton Rouge Morning Advocate for this, his latest treatment of this subject, in his column this past Sunday.

No lie, here are a few notable points:

(1)  Louisiana is a long way from a reversal of it’s quarter-century-or-so population out-migration plague.  This disease has claimed over 600,000 residents – NET – during those years, and though cures are available, Jindal has pointedly ignored them.

(Using the latest report of Census Bureau data which is designed for this purpose, rather than the Jindal-picked data which is not designed for the purpose but backs his false claims, Louisiana remained -170,571 residents in the hole from Katrina and Rita evacuations.  The Bureau data at that time showed 66,399 evacuees having returned since the storms, and while more have likely returned since that most recent report, we remain deep within that deficit.  Between the 1980 Census and Katrina and Rita, an additional, non-hurricane-related 400,000 or so former residents – NET – have left Louisiana.)

(2)  Evidence of Jindal’s hypocrisy, and of how his serial falsifying catches him coming and going, is proven in an article on a different subject in today’s Morning Advocate.  In this instance, Jindal, Inc. doesn’t like something from the same source on which he bases his bogus “out-migration’s over” claim – the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey – so his flacks summarily refute and disavow the data and its source.

(3)  Jindal’s practice of using some random data-point to suggest that which is not provable or a fact or the truth is as comfortable to him as a shirt without necktie.  Such packaged untruth is routinely peddled to for-hire “journalists” in hopes of someday relocating his snake-oil factory to Washington, DC.

(4)  Each time Governor Bobby Jindal dishonestly and purposefully claims that a uniquely damaging weakness of Louisiana has been set straight, he further increases the damage by stalling any fix.  Such is how he mocks his Oath.

Come to think of it, there IS a way Gov. Jindal “fits” in the American presidential discussion.  (Thank you YouTube.)  It is easy to picture him on stage with other presidential candidates as they so effortlessly lie to the American people about how each of them lies to the American people.

For the record, and as is always the case, this work has been done strictly in the public interest.  No compensation of any kind has been solicited, offered or accepted for this work.  Please feel free to share this as you choose, unedited.

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