General Jane: Time to Retire!


Some political flyers are very informative, while others are worthless propaganda whose mud-slinging embarrassments are actually worse for those who send them. Then there are the flyers that strike a chord of truth that requires greater investigation.

Today’s Shreveport Times full-page ad by Barrow Peacock requires greater investigation. And, the more we look, the more sinister we feel the Jane Smith claims have been, and Jane’s striking back has been even more brutal as the truth of Jane’s long-term problems are revealed. Too many of our long-serving politicians have created “deals” with lobbyists that just don’t pass the “Smell Test!”

Jane Smith served us for twelve years, the maximum allowed in one chamber under term limits. She and her delegation brought home many favorable bills that benefited our region. However, Jane’s patterns are the same as other long-term politicians before her, and they have affected Jane’s judgment.

In twelve years Jane collected over $226,000 in mileage and per diem reimbursements from the State. She attended LOTS of meetings in Baton Rouge; she was on the road! But over this time, special interests paid the cost of her apartment in Baton Rouge, and this is clearly in her campaign reports. BUT, at the same time, taxpayers also reimbursed her for the full per diem of living costs in Baton Rouge.

Peacock’s flyer hits the nail squarely on the head. Jane Smith can’t have it both ways, and the taxpayers needed to know the truth. We are sure there will be a rebuttal between now and Saturday’s voting, but too much about twelve-year in office just says: “Term Limits really mean that twelve years is enough.”

Thank you Jane Smith for your twelve years, and now it’s time to leave the stage. A graceful exit is far better than a muddy one. Please retire gracefully!