Lowrie–Thompson Lawsuit “BLOWS UP” Bossier –


The Louisiana District 8 Representative’s race has taken a dramatic U-Turn as a lawsuit was filed Tuesday, October 11, 2011 in 26th JDC, Bossier. Charges were filed by candidate Michael D. Lowrie  for damages by Jeff R. Thompson of making false or fabricated statements with the nefarious intent of bringing personal harm or damage to Lowrie’s character. Such charges are akin to those brought to a rapist or murderer and would result in imprisonment of Thompson is found guilty.

The Incriminating Flyer

The essence of these charges stem from a prior attorney-client relationship in which Thompson represented Lowrie in previous lawsuit. Thompson is charged with using information known only to him, as Lowrie’s attorney, in a campaign flyer that intentionally created the false illusion that Lowrie was dishonest and a liar.

As Lowrie’s attorney, Thompson was privileged to information, which as his attorney, he was forbidden to divulge to any third party. Thompson, used this information in the race for State representative and specifically stated that Lowrie had been suspended from his job “for lying.” The entire lawsuit is available here. If convicted, and a speedy hearing is being sought, Thompson could be imprisoned and barred from the practice of law.