Will the Best Mud-Slinger Please Stand?


Sometimes you just get a good start, lots of real dirt, add water, get the slop and start slinging.
Then we get to the “Professional Mud Slinggers.” Baton Rouge has not found the highest caliber of elections in the past, but we have found a way to import the lesser selves of Louisiana in this political season already. Just look at what Baton Rouge has brought to the Senate 37 race, right after the Governor leaves town. The latest postcard labels Barrow Peacock as an “Abortionist,” and a “Liberal.”

I guess we now know that he has two new awards. And this from someone who has a less than spotless record. It all started with “Shame on You My. Peacock!”

We’re having a hard time understanding this mud. We have been to a number of forums, some where Smith did not show up, alleging that Peacock had been “less than a gentleman.” We never saw anything except that Peacock challenged Smith’s record. When “Challenging a Record” is not acceptable, perhaps this sport of politics is not up to Smith’s capabilities.

The hard questions that Smith avoided were simple and clear:

  1. Did you vote for all the bills that were listed on your voting record?
  2. Did you previously agree that you supported the concept of “Term-Limits” of 12 years for serving in Baton Rouge?
  3. Did you actually collect over $260,000 in reimbursements for travel and per diem while in the legislature?
  4. Were you superintendent when the Bossier Schools lost over $2,000,000 trading Options?
  5. Did you spend money as superintendent that the board specifically told you not to spend?

We know that this campaign must be very close if Jane Smith is resorting to the heavy mud this early in the campaign. All her money and all her supporters are beginning to get nervous that the General may not have command of the troops.

Who's in Command?