Did the Real Candidate Stand Up?


The winds howled, the lightning flashed, the clouds opened up & voters finally got to meet the real  Candidates.  Barrow Peacock and Jane Smith met at the Broadmoor Neighborhood Association “Meet the Candidates” Forum.

The public was invited to fill out cards to inquire about the position of the two candidates, and then there were fireworks. General Jane attempted to open her presentation with accusatory points regarding “Lies that Peacock made from the outset of the campaign.” Peacock’s opening statement was a direct rebuttal of mailers and commercials that Smith has offered to the public.

Jane Smith Barrow Peacock

In short the whole program was a “He said, she said” list of dirty laundry. When it it came to bickering about facts that Smith included in her ads, Peacock quoted each ad and rebutted each with quotes from a credible news source.

Smith could not seem to goad Peacock into any missteps, and Smith appeared flustered at times that Peacock was able to find flaws in her voting record. Smith admitted that she voted for the Stelly Bill, however she also admitted that she had later voted against it. Smith was a bit taken aback by Peacock’s quoting that she had voted for over one-and-a-half billion dollars in new taxes and fees. The total however of voted tax measures exceeded two billion dollars.

Correct change could not be found for the toll booth to be placed for the completion of Highway 3132. Both candidates were  against the concept of a toll road. Smith’s meeting that was arranged between developer Tim Larkin and the DOTD sparked also heated argument. The “closed door” meeting should have been made public without the need for publicity before information related to negotiations were released.

Both candidates armor appeared blemished but their heads were unbowed. Jane left in her “glow-in-the dark” blue suit and appeared to be somewhat ruffled around the edges. Peacock made his points crisply and his supporters appeared to be pleased that he stood up well to the changes levied by General Jane.