Indian Giver Charlie Caldwell in Stew


The City Marshal may be an Indian Giver (no slight intended toward Native Americans!) Deputy Marshals are currently being asked to repay the cost of taking their family or “friends” on at least two trips, one trip to Florida and the other to Tucson. And the happy family in the City Marshal Office is no longer so happy.

I want the Money Back!

Confirmation has been made by several of the disgruntled Deputy Marshals who relate that they are being strong-armed to repay money, which Caldwell had previously told them was to be completely funded through the Marshal’s office. One Deputy Marshal, Carl Richard, was told he must repay over $1,700 which he has done. However he would not have gone on the trip had he known the funds were questionably being used. Others have repaid amounts ranging from $500 to over $1,000 each. A total of at least $10,000 is being funneled into the Marshal Accounts. The legality of this operation is certainly in question, and the manner of Caldwell’s strong-arm tactics are at best distasteful.

Shreveport City Marshal Charlie Caldwell has answered, in part, several public records requests dealing with how his administration has expended funds of the City Marshal’s office. Since January 1, 2009, Caldwell has charged more than $2,100 for food and/or alcohol at Shreveport/Bossier establishments, including 2 charges at the Comedy Club, on his City Marshal credit card.  But this doesn’t begin to touch the massive funds spent on travel for deputy marshals, family members and guests. The extent of record has not been made public as Caldwell has refused all attempts to produce credit card receipts.

“Diamond” Caldwell and his staff have attended several conferences of the National Constable Association. Records produced reveal that the Marshal’s office paid for registrations of spouses and children of deputy marshals at several of these gatherings at a cost in excess of $5,000. More expenses will probably be revealed when complete records are provided. It is common knowledge that on expensive junkets to Destin, Florida spouses and girl friends attended free, and stayed in facilities paid for with Marshal Office funds.