Caddo Parish School Board Wants to Print Money


So the School Board wants to create about $20 Million of new debt… The first thing they need to take note of is that nobody is optimistic about the world economy. No one sees the international economy righting itself any time soon, no one sees lower unemployment coming down the pike, or fewer foreclosures. No one will agree with anything except that tough times lie ahead.

The second thing everyone agrees with is there is a tremendous lack of leadership in the community we know as the Caddo Parish School Board. There is neither respect nor a feeling of trust emanating from the Midway office.  There is a broad sense that the proposals generated are coming out of an understanding that the public has “wised up” to some of the shenanigans that have been the record of recent decisions to stem the flow of red ink generated by rising costs and failures to meet goals set by the State and parent expectations.

An observation into the proposed agenda items of October meetings of the CPSB shows the chaos of the spring and summer are only extended into the fall. Unlike many students who start school with high expectations, the Midway patrol and the board leaders only instilled fear and desperation in many staff and teachers with the draconian decisions of May. And layoffs at the beginning of school and threats of additional layoffs during the year only create greater anxiety in classrooms and school offices.

So now we investigate some of the agenda items: Resolution to Incur Debt, General Fund Budget Revision Finance 0911, Out of State Travel 102011, Out of State Travel 102611 – 103111, Bid Purchasing 092711, QSCB Resolution or Beverage Contract (NCaddo) .

The questions begin to become apparent as we read the items (YOU NEED TO DOWNLOAD AND SEE FOR YOURSELVES!) The term, “Unbelievable” takes on a whole new meaning. In short, we were born yesterday, but we stayed up real late figuring out what they are trying to do. In the next few days we will address how these issues should be questioned and addressed through public input. The issues are not totally at the discretion of the board and central office when it comes to taxpayer funds.

The most troubling issue right now is the first item in the list: The Resolution to incur debt. To say we are troubled and feel the public should be troubled is an understatement. But we will be addressing this in detail shortly.