Insurance Premiums UP 70% due to POOR Planning


Due to refusal of the Caddo Levee Board to recertify the levee system north of downtown Shreveport to the Arkansas line, property owners may pay as much as 70% more for insurance. Property owners may check their property at the website- to determine potential of flooding of each property in the parish.

The details of the failure to pay $500,000 for recertification of the north end of the parish after $600,000 was allocated by the Caddo Parish Levee Board for the southern section of the parishes levee system can be see in the discussion of the Parish Commission September 22 meeting. The entire meeting recording can be seen at: Commission Meeting

Property owners will see their insurance rates increase particularly on properties in the flood zones noted on the map. Dewberry & Davis, LLC has been retained to complete the study, but the levee board chose to not add the northern section of the parish to the work project.

Property owners need to also be aware that the value of their property, homes, businesses and any structures will also see a decrease in value if the levees are not recertified. Decertification of levees is explained also on the site.

As the significance of this levee issue becomes apparent to the public, we anticipate more discussions will be in the news.