Dr Raymond Hicks Candidacy Temporarily Set Back


The Raymond Hicks for State Representative Campaign Team respects the ruling of the Court made earlier today.  We remain steadfast in our belief that given the opportunity, the Voters of House District 2 will choose our message of hope and vision, which is in direct contrast to the actions and attitudes of our opponent.

Dr Raymond Hicks, District 2 Candidate–State Representative

We will appeal the decision, which is our Constitutional right to do so, and we will continue to campaign on behalf of the residents of District 2 who have expressed their intense desire for a change in their State Representative from one who embodies complacency and typical political tactics to one who truly represents the aspirations and beliefs of one of the most culturally diverse and distinct districts in the state.

The candidate, Raymond Hicks, would like to personally ask his supporters to continue to sound and repeat his message of progress for our District until, and only if our voices are completely extinguished by the appropriate Judicial bodies.  The fact that his opponent has filed a lawsuit against his candidacy, and in doing so, has allowed and approved the defamation of his children, his deceased wife, and his choice to personally provide direct care to his adult son who requires special attention due to his mental disability, has only strengthened his resolve to continue this unnecessary legal battle based on the incumbent’s inability to stand and fight on his record.

The appeal has been filed by Dr. Hicks. It is anticipated that his case will be heard by the Second Circuit Court of Appeals on Wednesday, Sept 28. The Second Circuit building is on Fannin Street and the hearing will be open to the public.

Dr. Hicks is confident that he will be successful on appeal and that he will be on the Oct 22 ballot for House District 2.

Dr. Hicks is continuing to campaign, and is talking about issues.

“In the litigation before Judge Leon Emmanuel, Burrell through his attorney attacked the character of Dr. Hicks daughter, who is a practicing attorney

and even questioned the love Dr. Hicks had for his wife of 43 years who died last fall. Dr. Hicks campaign will NOT focus on Burrell’s marital history or

his use of power as an elected representative to recently obtain a state job for his  step daughter,–but on what Burrell has NOT done for his district while

in the Legislature.” according to John Settle, his attorney.

At the appeal hearing, Dr. Hicks will be represented by Settle and by Shannan Hicks, Dr. Hicks daughter who lives in Baton Rouge.

The Raymond Hicks for State Representative Campaign can be reached via email at vote4hicks@gmail.com or by phone at (318) 820-4661.

Dr Raymond Hicks