The Shreveport City Council Opportunity to Counter-Balance


The Glover Laser Focus on Taxing & Spending

If you have a few minutes, a recent editorial in the Shreveport Times is worth the reading time.  The subject is our city government’s mild disagreement about how to spend the latest tax increase on local residents.

As many of you have noticed (and noted in your messages), our mayor holds extraordinary control over the Council.  As I learned in my 9th Grade Civics class, the Founders considered such a distinctly bad idea, and any doubt about their view has been refuted as our local government demonstrates time and again that we really do need a legislative-branch check on our executive.  As you consider the facts of this issue as explained in the Times editorial, you may remember the tie-in I shared with you in a recent, related e-mail.  In that report, I passed along to you the contents of a tweet Mayor Glover sent out just after he succeeded in authoring and, effectively, legislating as well the franchise tax increase on Shreveporters.  (While that increase was 100% Glover’s idea – he began lobbying new council members to pass it immediately after their election last year – Glover has never publicly owned-up to his ownership.  Rather, the Council has willingly provided him the cover necessary to hide it.)

In his tweet, the mayor bragged about how he – as if personally – would thus be able to bestow on us a whopping $100,000,000 in new concrete.  The fact that tens-of-millions will likely disappear in, uh, “costs” along the way didn’t make it to a tweet.  Clearly, neither has the mayor so much as considered the possibility that the Council might not do as told.

As to the specifics of the mayor’s newly intended spending orgy, here are but a few things to note:

  • as pointed out by some on the Council, tens-of-millions for these same “gifts” from the mayor have just been approved in the $175,000,000 bond issue;
  • Glover’s motivation is personal/political:  his “$100,000,000 street program” is to be at the core of his supposed “accomplishments” in his run next year against U. S. Congressman John Fleming, a run he will make while he continues to be paid as mayor;
  • even before including the added bond debt from this new tax-and-spending demo, Shreveporters already owe $4,000 per person – men, women, children – in City of Shreveport debt, not to mention state and national debt; and,
  • make no mistake about it:  Shreveport will soon need this money in the general fund, since the federal government’s cutting of $4-$6 trillion in spending over the next decade or so will hit us very hard.

Four votes on the Council are necessary to stop this latest manifestation of what city government with only one branch looks like.  Should the Council decide now is a good time to stop the tax-and-spending bacchanal in Shreveport, it seems  Councilmen Joe Shyne and Jeff Everson will be key votes. With the money from the bond issue, a pay-as-you-go use of the latest tax hike on Shreveporters is as sensible as it is respectful of the people supposedly served by our elected officials.  As we enter an era in which government will do with far, far, far less than at any time in our lives, more debt for Shreveport is just plain dumb.

The only reasons to do this are the mayor’s intended Congressional race, and the all-but-certain misuse of much of the bond money supposedly meant for better streets.

With $175,000,000 from the just-passed bond issue to drool over, you might think the handful of insiders who will score even more bucks from this new bucket at the end of the Glover tax rainbow might be willing to give the rest of us a break.  

Elliott Stonecipher

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