The Marshal’s Office Travel Companions…


Through the Freedom of Information request filed by local attorney John Settle the following names were released. This is the list of the additional attendees on Shreveport City Marshal trips/conferences for “educational purposes.” These are non-City Marshal employees who attended the conferences at taxpayer expense:

Taylor Caldwell – Grapevine, Texas
Miriam Lisa Conteas – guest of Marshal Caldwell to B.R. & Tucson conference
Terry Johns
Venatta McCain – B.R, and Tucson
Robert Lee Wright IV
James T. Taylor
Tasha Dawson
Constance Thomas – B.R. and Grapevine Texas
Cassandra Jefferson – B.R., Monroe and Grapevine
Melissa Richard – B.R. , Monroe, Grapevine, and Tucson conferences
Hannah, Colby and Carleigh Richard – Grapevine Texas conference
Bruce Gilliyard
Christi and Nick Stephenson – Grapevine, Texas conference
James Taylor – Grapevine, Texas
Lesley Johns – GrapevineTexas
Michael Coleman – Grapevine, Texas
Contessa, Zoe and Jayla Johnson – Grapevine, Texas
Jean Boddie – Grapevine, Texas

Previously published was a list of restaurants where the Marshal’s Office credit card was utilized for personal entertainment.

Traveling on the taxpayer's nickel...